Welcome to Premiere Spain SA

Premiere Spain Soccer Academy, LLC was established to provide the best soccer training in the city of San Antonio.
We provide our players with a complete developmental program to include: technical, tactical, collective, and cognitive training. Our purpose is to create intelligent, saavy players who understand and adapt while playing soccer and living life.

Our Programs


  • For all players ages 6 to 18 years old
  • Complete Developmental Program
  • Local and State League Competitions and Tournaments
  • National and International Tournaments


  • Ages 2 – 5 years old
  • Unique Soccer Experience
  • Taught On-site
  • Enhance the values of teamwork, respect, self-esteem, commitment, and friendship

Our Technical Director

Our CEO and founder Kike Ribalta, was born, raised and educated in the game of soccer in Barcelona, Spain. He earned and currently possesses the UEFA professional coaching license, one of the most prestigious soccer training licenses in the world. Kike has coached for over 15 years at clubs such as Sant Cugat FC,  Cerdanyola del Vallès, and many others.  He has trained teams in the highest divisions of Spain. Most recently, he has coached in the United States, in the cities of Houston and San Antonio.

For Kike, developing a soccer player is much more than teaching how to run and kick the ball. In fact, it is not even about who wins or loses. It’s about teaching children to think, react, and adapt to the different scenarios posed on the pitch. He further believes that many of these lessons can be applied to everyday life.  

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